About Us:

The Colorado Movement represents church choirs, groups, small ensembles, individual singers, minstrels and musical leaders from all over the state of Colorado.  With a growing membership, the association was formed to give choirs a collective voice and provide on-going support for the thousands of members who participate in community organized and Christian supported programs. Along with our commitment to education, leadership development, spiritual empowerment, physical wellness and social acuity through music, our role has expanded considerably into several outreach initiatives that balance education with exposure to artistic development, thereby ensuring the continued cultivation of rising leaders associated with Colorado Movement. As a consequence of programs and initiatives administered through the Colorado Movement, individuals in these musical entities go on to shape corporate America, lead grass roots efforts, support community development and significantly impact various fields of music while fostering a love and appreciation for the sacred arts.

To sound the unity alarm among the state of Colorado; to break down the barriers of nationality and denomination; to allow all of God’s children to unite and celebrate the awesome wonders of ONE God; to support a greater vision of faith, fellowship and education by preserving the heritage of gospel music; fostering gospel music excellence; promoting artistic expression; developing leaders who will enrich the futures of gospel music and society.

1. Glorify God (while humbling yourself) 2. Reach the unsaved (begin and maintain healthy relationships with unbelievers) 3. Achieve excellence (but do not hold a standard of perfection for yourself or others) 4. Continually pray (for your Leader, for your ministry, for your unbeliever friends, and for your friends) 5. Edify the team (maintaining a positive attitude, resolving conflict)

The Colorado Movement Choir must function proficiently and adequately while presenting first class music ministry. The following Policies and Procedures will be effective immediately to enable professional, musical, and spiritual growth to the choir.